Saying “I Do”


So you’re getting married!? That’s amazing! Congratulations to you both. Whether you decide to work with TAC or not, we sincerely wish you a wonderful wedding day.

Since you’re here, it means that you are considering our company. Linda, our founder, has a particular commitment to incredible weddings. “Every wedding, to me, is totally individual. Each human on this earth is different, and so we want to put a stamp on your wedding that is like no other. From the menu, to the linens, to the candles, to the flowers, we either have it all, or have connections to it all, and we love making your vision a reality.”

In terms of the kind of service you can expect from TAC, we are punctual, well-oiled, wedding making machines. Our trained staff knows how to move through receptions and rehearsal dinners like a breeze, carrying delicious appetizers, and sparkling cocktails straight to your guests, keeping them well taken care of all night long.

See some of our sample wedding menu’s attached. Keep in mind, we have never served the same wedding menu twice, but this way, you can get a sense of what we can do.

Pictures above provided by Jan Michele photography,

Wedding reception held at Magnolia Farm in Round Hill, Virginia.